Thursday, November 6, 2008

Supporting Creative Types

One of the sessions I took the most notes about (OK, tweeted the most about) was the one by Paul Kolada from Priority Designs. They are a local (Gahanna) consumer product design firm. He shared some of the products they've worked on and showed a "cribs" video of the office. Very Architecture/Design firm like. Fun colors and furniture. I did see some of the furniture we have in some branches so I think we must be cool. They had the round, fit together tuffet type chairs that are in the children's area of Parsons and some of the plastic with round holes in them chairs in bright colors that we have in some of the Homework Help Centers. Although the point is it's not the environment but the culture.

One of my favorite quotes was that you should build your reputation by helping others build theirs. Very cool. What if we all looked out for others before we looked out for ourselves. He also stressed playing nice together. They form their project teams from their pool of engineers and designers. Anyone can be a project lead. If you play nice and pull your weight, it's likely other will want you on thier team. If you don't......

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