Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Bloom Township Promise?

I thought I had heard about this before so I googled it today to check. In this Fairfield County township there is a college scholarship for any student that lives in Lithopolis or Bloom Township and completes HS there. It is not a full ride but every bit helps right? The Mabel Wagnalls Jones Scholarship was established by the daughter of one of the co founders of Funk & Wagnalls who was born in Lithopolis. According to this article, it look like they need to be spending more. Maybe a free ride is not such a bad idea.


Julie said...

Interesting article, Chris. My first question was, why not just give more to each student? It must be some condition that was spelled out when the fund was established. It still seems odd to me that more students aren't taking advantage of it though, since $1,500 per year is nothing to sneeze at it.

What impressed me about the Kalamazoo Promise was that the whole community has come together to help students do well in school so that they can be successful in college. The public library definitely has a hand in that, as well as community leaders and others who act as mentors. Just handing students the money isn't enough to guarantee success.

typealibrarian said...

I grew up in Bloom Township and used the Wagnalls library during my school years. I was able to take advantage of this scholarship, so I'm glad it was there. It appears that this article is from several years ago. I'm not even sure they are still offering this money. This library went through a recent financial crisis, which I believe impacted the fund.