Thursday, November 6, 2008

Innovative Environments

The last two days have been inspiring!

Yesterday, after the opening session and World Cafe, I attended Managing Print Collections in a Digital Age, with Joseph Branin, Director of the Ohio State University Libraries and The Kalamazoo Promise with Janice M. Brown, Executive Director.

Today, I attended Priority Designs with Paul Kolada and Nurturing Innovation with Sari Feldman and Tracy Strobel, Cuyahoga County Public Library as well as the second World Cafe and closing session.

We had some really nice food, but, alas, no swag (sorry, ilikeswag). ;-)

I had some great conversations with table mates from other libraries as well as with my own colleagues. I'll include some highlights, impressions, and thoughts. Handouts and Powerpoints with more details will be posted on the OLC website.

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